The purpose of Software Project Planning is to establish reasonable plans for performing the software engineering and for managing the software project.

Software Project Planning involves developing estimates for the work to be performed, establishing the necessary commitments, and defining the plan to perform the work.

All activities pertaining to the project are documented in the Technical Plan (MPP) and progress against the plans is monitored continuously. Wherever necessary, it is shared with the client also.


Quality Assurance Plans in Project Management Plans indicate the project reviews planned for the project, internal and client reviews. Senior Management reviews are monthly and coordinated through the PMO. Senior Management review projects once a month for projects health, risks, escalations, issues, people issues, and sharing best practices. In the monthly reviews, teams also discuss new learning and value-add provided in their projects.

Internal reviews include reviews by technical experts, peers, and managers for quality. Project Managers track metrics on project quality, effort, and schedule, and submit weekly reports to SEPG and their supervisors. These reports also include risks, resource forecasts in projects, client feedback, people, and process issues.

GUSTO Software Technologies uses 'Review' as a quality assurance tool to ensure quality in every deliverable to customers. The concept of review is extensively used to verify and validate:

  1. Products at Identified Stages
  2. Processes at regular intervals

Reviews are linked to the Technical Plan and are scheduled after every milestone is reached.

Self Review

The individual team member who had been working on a project performs self review on reaching a milestone and takes necessary corrective steps before it is checked in to the configuration library and scheduled for a peer review.

Peer Reviews

Each of the work products on reaching a milestone is subjected to review by a peer. The review findings are documented in a Review Report and tracked to closure.

SQA Review

SQA review ensures that final and interim products developed at GUSTO Software Technologies conform to the identified requirements. SQA reviews are conducted by qualified SQA reviewers who are independent to the project team and are assigned the responsibility by the senior managers. The review findings are documented in a Review Report and tracked to closure.

The QA Facilitator schedules and tracks the Peer Reviews and SQA Reviews.

Internal Quality Audit

Internal quality audit is a management driven verification activity used to ensure that the activities in a project comply with the project plans and meet the requirements of the client. The GUSTO Software Technologies, QA Group is responsible for scheduling and coordinating conduct of internal quality audits. Findings of internal audits are collated and reported to the Management. Internal quality audit provides an opportunity to determine suitable corrective actions and analysis of audit findings help in determining preventive actions to help GUSTO Software Technologies achieve continual improvement.

Customer Care

Constant interaction with customers throughout the relationship is the key to the success of every assignment that GUSTO Software Technologies undertakes. GUSTO Software Technologies Software encourages interactions with customers and provides necessary facilities for the same. Customer interaction takes place across the spectrum, be it a business-related enquiry from new customer or existing customer, contract-related interaction with customers, regular interaction on service delivery related issues or inviting feedback from customers. GUSTO Software Technologies Software strongly commits itself to calibrate its performance to customers' perception.

Proactive Customer Satisfaction Surveys are also conducted periodically to enhance customer satisfaction. The results are analyzed and improvement plans put in place.

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