Successful quality programs provide efficiencies that reduce cost, improve cycle time and leverage tools in a quantitative manner to assure the highest quality deliverable. GUSTO Software Technologies brings process improvement and rigor around tools and strategies to provide predictable outcomes and proactively manage system development and deployment change.

This is mainly done with tools like Clear Case and other rational compliant free and open software tools and utilities.

Design Phase
  • Preparing High level Design Document with
    • All the business requirements and functional requirements mapped to design elements assigning proper ids to each.
    • Mainly Rational methodology is used.
  • Preparing Detail Level Design Document with
    • Class diagrams, Business Object and Functional class level diagrams.
    • Interfaces and their protocols.
    • Methodology of approach in interfacing and collaborating.
    • Detail level plan for atomic work break down schedule with resource matrix
  • Plan for regular conferencing and updating the various plans
  • Publishing of the Design document
  • Collecting and registering feedback from concerned people
Testing Phase
  • Preparing Test plan at the following levels
    • Module Test
    • Integration test
    • System test
    • Regression test
    • Concurrency test
    • Simulation test
    • Acceptance test
    • Implementation test
  • Preparing traceability matrix for test results and phases and module snippets
  • Preparing Error message repository
  • Preparing Error message traceability matrix so that messages can be drilled down to the code snippet level.
  • Preparing Test plan with test cases and matrix document connecting test cases with User cases from SRS.
  • Updating the Test plan with Test results
  • Registering test results in Bug tracking systems
  • Publishing the entire Test program
Implementation Phase
  • Preparing Implementation plan at
    • Test site
    • Production site
Completion Phase
  • Detail Plan for wrapping up
  • Registering feedback at various stages
  • Publishing Bug statistics and analysis document
  • Preparing Release plan
  • Release engineering document
  • Automating Release notes generation with proper Version Control tools
  • Preparing back-up strategy and plan
  • Preparing Disaster Recovery plan
  • Preparing Change management engineering for the post production stages
  • Preparing a knowledge metadata repository
  • Preparing Archival plan for
    • Data
    • Versions
    • Code
    • Errors

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